Good morning…Moon

Looking in another direction, assumed for a while, that this was moon…

Though actual one is on the other side of home… 🙂

And he came this side to wish me good morning!


Sunday Evenings

They are different. They are unique in terms of experience…to me.

Not only now…From the days of college, the days of working in software to the days of working as a Teacher. Friday/Saturday evenings i don’t feel like sleeping…I wanted to stay awake and have some fun till eternity…which happens to be the point i doze off… 🙂

But Sunday evenings…I feel a silence…a silence in me and in the environment around me…A silence with some soberness….I would naturally go into a contemplating mode….what am i doing with my life…What is the next stage of my life…

Smell of a Memory

Sometimes a pleasant smell can take me back to a memory. When i went to Goa, long back, through out the trip i used one deodorant – “Engage” brand’s. Whenever i feel that smell, it reminds me of that trip. Similarly, When i went to Uttarakhand, i carried one perfume with me. Nowadays, when i use that perfume, I remember the times in that trip. Feeling good……… 🙂


They loved each other so much.But were at distance from each other.They talked in phone regularly..Some days, the calls stretching from last evening to today early morning.Some sweet nothings exchanged in phone.They care for each other.They would meet once in a while. They are having a good time.


But “He” was insecure about “Her”.Why ?

Why would he doubt her? She is spending good amount of time with other guys in between.Her phone is busy when he called her and he got a reply after 3-4 hours.He asked her,”Why are you giving them so much importance?” . Her reply, ” You doubt me ? You don’t understand me. You are the only one in my heart. They are just Friends.But i care for them. You have your place in my heart and i am giving you the importance you deserve..”

But he is still worried, Specially about future, when this is going on this way. Did not he understand her?

The “So called Friend(let’s say F)” would one day propose her. She would tell him, “No..i have a boy friend.”. Some argument between F and “her”. Later some consolation from her towards F. All these are still long conversations in phone. And this would irritate “Him”. (The Lover).

Is she truthful 100% towards him? Is she looking at F as a “Pure Friend” but wants to spend a lot of time with them? Is it that his worries are only fears ? Or she is missing something from him, which she is seeking from others? Or is he not 100% confident about himself? The occasional debates, verbal fights continued…


After finishing his morning routine, he is sitting in his room. Then he realized. There is Silence. Silence in the atmosphere around him. The only sound he is hearing, is the work of a pipe drilling in a distance. Other than that, no other sound. He went into the balcony….Beautifully Bluish sky…Green plants in the ground opposite…..and some pleasant breeze in between… He is liking it,,,this experience.

   It’s not the same everyday…Accompanying him would be the Songs from Nearby temple, Sounds of Construction work in his own building, Shouting’s of Woman next door while grooming her child in the morning, Shouting’s of neighboring people and Honking’s of vehicles in the street.

   It’s different…it’s different today and it’s pleasant…Blissful…He is really liking it…He does not want to move from there…Actually it took him some time to realize this Silence….He was occupied with his constant companion- his own internal talk…

 He is wondering… “How come it’s like this today? What‘s different? What’s special? Did I do something?”… “May be I cut out some unnecessary noise from my life… 🙂

  He is enjoying it…He is cherishing it…the Blissfulness of the Silence… He knows that it does not last forever…May be it is valuable this way… by not lasting forever… Happiness has its own value only when Sadness is an occasional Visitor…After all they are both sides of a same coin, valuable than gold… “Life”.

Thank you… 🙂

Sweet Nothings!

After a nice lunch on Saturday afternoon, He was lying in his bed. Warm sunlight and pleasant breeze greeting him through the balcony. He is feeling cozy thanking god in his own thoughts for the comfort. He is waiting for his Love…..

Meanwhile she came into the room, lay down, next to him. He turned towards her. They greeted each other with eyes, as they both know “what next!”… 🙂 He moved close to her and hugged her from behind. He closed his eyes for a while, feeling her warmth, with his hand across her waist. She turned towards him…put her head on his chest…playing with the hair…The “Sweet Nothings” in the air…..

 He again thanked God…”What more do I need?”

 With a noise outside He woke up…”God….That’s what I would need!” … 🙂

A Wander across Sivaliks

Sivaliks…the gigantic mountains…  Making me go “Awe…”…Beauty of Nature…Lush green trees…Occasional water falls en route… Confluences of Rivers along the way…Whitish Snow…Ride on the Hilly Roads in the middle of rain….That was the best feast of Nature I had….

The people I met during my Journey…the friends I made with…. Some petty arguments which later turned into travel buddies…The shared experiences…Inspiration…Fun times…Singing together…Standing for each other in challenging situations…bonding’s formed in a short time…. Cherished moments.

Thrilling ride in the hill roads, Difficulty in finding a vehicle at times…it’s a challenge to rely completely on public transport over there.

Then comes the best part…Walk up the Kedarnath Hill (Around 20 KM) …Basking in the beauty of Nature….Stay over there in the Chilling night, Challenging Weather… And then pleasant walk down next morning ……Blue sky …White Snow…Pleasant Wind… J

The environment taking me closer to Lord Shiva…reminding me to detach myself at times, From the entities I did not bring with me, while I entered this body…Those I don’t take along with me to my Ashes…Thank you…. Om Namah Shivaya.


He is walking on the Road, going to a store nearby. In his own thoughts as usual. He is hearing the honks of the vehicles passing by. Casually he looked at the faces of people passing by. There is something unusual recently… People are giving him weird expressions- Anger, Mocking. They are murmuring something.

He is wondering… “Am I doubting unnecessarily? Is it just my assumption? Why would they mock me? I did not do anything wrong. I do not even know them. I am not mocking them. ”

He went to a Multiplex. While coming out of the Toilet and searching for a Tea counter, The Manager came to him, suggesting, “Sir. Exit is this way”. “Who asked you about that?”

He was wondering…”What’s wrong? What can I do?” He suspected some causes and tried some changes…Still some expressions and Movements of Mouths in various Angles… “Arey…people are so creative…” 🙂

From friends and other sources, He is learning. Learning some great lessons… That “He need not bother.”… “He need not bother at all!” “Not everyone likes him. But that’s not his business. ”

He is learning…He is learning to mind his own life…To Focus on his work instead of Worrying about “What others think/say”…..

He is Learning…He is Walking… And the Journey Continues… 🙂

Human Connect

True… Human Being is a Social Animal…

A Friend, A Sibling, A Relative with whom we had a good time, physically being together, is truly energizing. It energizes us at a deeper level.

In the days of pace for money, success, growth – the moments spent with closed ones (near and dear) together are truly valuable and precious. One has to collect those moments and cherish those memories…

Love – The love between any two human beings is beautiful and pleasure.

Underneath it, The bonding – Human to Human Connections – Interactions – Social Life is power. It’s Power at a deeper level that can empower a human being.

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