Horaginabetta trek

Beside Nandi Hills.
4 km up walk on a hill.
Not easy for a once in a while trekker, like me.
The view is nice at top.
Downhill is fun,but you have to be careful with the slippery rock, at some places.

At some point, one has to continue the journey, trusting in himself, or in power beyond, making his own path, may be alone. But β€œkeep going”.The sense of completion, always makes you feel good.Β 


Two Pigeons (Lovers) started living in the washing area of our Apartment.

Pigeons  don’t build homes. They live in Temples, Apartments etc.

Well..I am also a Peace Lover. πŸ™‚

I am fond of them. But they started shitting.. πŸ˜›

Yeah…It happens..They started dropping their shit, all over that place.

And that area became untidy, with a bad smell.

And the maid was reluctant to clean it.

I got angry. We tried to send them out. But they were not moving out.

I manhandled one of them in the process.


we closed most of the grill, with our own ingenious ways..we Β put some paper..But they are managing to sneak-in through a hole in the corner..Then we put the pigeon mesh. But at that moment, we realized that, there were two eggs about to hatch. Hmm..yeah..The loving “me” & the plumber felt emotional & did not want to abort. Obviously, they can’t carry the eggs. So we left a tiny potion of the mesh open and closed the other area.

Well…couple of days…the eggs hatched..two baby pigeons came out..they can’t fly immediately..so we have to wait..time passed…they became older…they flew within a couple of months…& I am happy.

Happily..I went to check their home..Believing that I can close the mesh now..Then surprise…Two more eggs… 😦

Yeah..Pigeons..They got a home now..They go and search their food..After that,  what work they have…? They don’t need to go to offices,colleges..So they have a good time.. (I am jealous., BTW..lucky birds… 😦 )

So the circle is complete. & Back to starting point now…We can’t close the mesh..


The new babies are growing up.

Let go

After moving to his 3rd Company, Mr. Suresh, a Software Engineer in Bangalore, shifted to a new Home. He changed 4 houses during his 4 years of experience. Living in Metros – Hyderabad & Bangalore, he got good amount of experience, with owners, brokers and maids as well.

He liked his new home very much. Pent house, Ample amount of Balcony, Plants around, Nice views. Paid the advance amount, done the agreement work, with owner. One month went by.

One fine morning, the flush in toilet, started malfunctioning. Hmm..There is a water leak. The water and consequently the money (water bill to corporation) are going down the drain continuously. Owner & Suresh had a discussion. Suresh took the contact number of plumber. Called him couple of times..(Bangalore yaar…). Finally he came. He took a quick look, and told Suresh to get a new Washer and left. Mr. Suresh went, all the way to shop, bought a new washer. Being a curious guy, he opened the flush and put it himself. The problem seems lessened, but still some water is leaking.

Some more calls..Mr. Plumber came..inspected the flush…with his experience..( :p ). And decided that the Siphon is spoiled and needs to be replaced. May cost couple of Hundreds.

Being new in the home and from previous experiences, Suresh assumed that owner would pay for this. He should, because, Suresh is staying just for one month and god knows, when the Siphon was replaced last time. So, the next morning he poked his owner.

“Sir..this is the situation..you are going to pay for it ..right ?”.

The owner started with a loud voice. “Why would I pay ? you are supposed to.”.

“But Sir..I am here, for one month. The Siphon might had been used for couple of years.”

“No..as per the agreement, you should pay. It got spoiled, after you came.” with a rant and shout.

By Know, Suresh got the clear picture of the situation. He had seen, couple of landlords, till now and their greedy nature. Instead of continuing the argument, He decided to “Let Go”.

“OK Sir..I will get it fixed, from my pocket.”, with a calmness.

Mr. Owner, is a bit surprised. He was expecting more arguments and discussion. πŸ™‚

Well…Suresh went to the shop..bought the Siphon. And called the plumber couple of more times. Finally, the plumber came. Instead of fixing the new Siphon, the plumber first, removed the washer, from the new siphon and placed it in the flush. Surprise…Problem is fixed..

So..the problem is just with the washer..Costs. Rs. 20. The plumber stupidly, made Suresh, buy the Siphon. A good quality, washer, could fix the problem, in first place.

Hmm.. Suresh paid the plumber his due.

And kept the new Siphon, without washer, on the attic, Wondering when would he use it, Really…..

There is a difference, in the attitude, of the owner, after this incident. He started greeting Suresh, with a smile & respect. And served him dinner on the Diwali followed.

Years passed.

The Siphon is still on the attic, unused… πŸ™‚

Neighbor’s dog

There is a small puppy, in my neighbor’s home.

I stay in an Apartment.

It’s cute, in white color with lot of fur.

But, every day, when I go for jog, in the Morning, it barks at me. I don’t know why…:). We don’t have any acquaintance with each other..hmm..Well..the normal me, used to ignore it and keep going.

Well..one fine morning, i am in some anger,that I was carrying from the previous night. I set out for my morning routine. And my friend, this puppy, started barking. Hmm..Already I am in some frustration. I took a small stone & threw at it. Well,,, before the stone could reach it, The puppy ran inside. But An elder woman, came out, shouting.

“Why did you throw the stone ?.”

(Interesting..she was peeping through the window, when the dog was barking. But did not do anything to stop it.)

I started argument with her.

I asked the uncle to come out & I put my point to him. “Even if it is an animal, you have to keep it in control & you can.”

I continued my walk, while the Dog is still shouting.

2-3 days later, the dog stopped barking at me…. πŸ™‚

Moral: Up to you. You can choose, one from the following options.

a. Ignore the dogs & continue your journey.

b.You can’t continue your journey, if you through stones at every dog.

c. Some times, you have to throw a stone.

d. One or more from Above.

e.  Other.

Good day…Love you all… πŸ™‚


A Short Story.

After a short trip to Warangal, Ramesh reached the city around 7 pm. on a Sunday evening. He got down at Uppal, and after waiting for couple of minutes, boarded a city bus to Lingampally.

After standing for some time, he got a seat. Travelling in buses for the last two days, he collected, good amount of change (coins), in his bag, from conductors.

After a long ride around the city finally the bus was reaching Lingampally, his stop.

Then a lady boarded the bus. Asked the conductor for ticket. The conductor ran out of change (coins). When the lady could not give change, He lost his temper. ” How can, I bring change for everyone ?get down the bus, if you don’t have change.”

Ramesh felt pity, at the situation. He knew the problem of change very well. He had been seeing it from past couple of years. He took a decision. He counted all the coins, he got in his bag. Around 30 Rs. they are. He gave them to the conductor and collected three Rs. 10 notes. The conductor felt very happy. and Thanked him. He called that girl back, gave her ticket.

Ramesh got down, in his stop, and walked home, with a contentment, in his heart. πŸ™‚

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